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Original Artworks by Len Kovsky

Ukrainian-born sculptor and painter Len Kovsky has been creating art on both sides of the Atlantic for more than 40 years. Formative years spent in the Soviet Union set the stage for his impertinent, darkly humorous works.

Artistically, Len has been influenced by two great Spaniards of the twentieth century: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, taking from the first incredible freedom of expression and from the second – even more of the same.

Vivid colors, bold, geometric shapes, and hyperbolized features give Len’s work a touch of the grotesque, reminiscent of off-the-beaten-path storybook illustrators like Tomi Ungerer. His art is peopled with melancholy drunkards, peasants grappling in nose-to-nose combat, chicken fights that break out during formal dinners, and a slew of inventions never seen or heard of. But under the wild and whimsical surface is an aesthetic philosophy that draws heavily from literature, poetry, religion, and mythology. Len is most at home when occupying this space between the sublime and the comical,
where everyday events are turned inside out and upside down, and where the unknown and unknowable spring to life.

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