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Volume 14 October 2013 Patent DrawingsAre your patent drawings secure?

This article is intended to present general knowledge and not legal or technical advice. Please consult with your legal and technology advisors.

Volume 13 September 2013 Patent DrawingsWhat is the difference between design & utility patent drawings?

To understand the different requirements for design and utility patent drawings, one must understand the difference between a design and utility patent.

Volume 12 August 2013 Patent Drawings1 Whole Year and 12 Issues Later

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 12th Newsletter anniversary with you. The company has been around a lot longer - founded in 1982. Our initial thought was to do a blog, but that format did not fit the type of information we want to share with you. A newsletter format allows us to present the many detailed visual examples that are an integral part of patent drawing.

Volume 11 July 2013 Patent DrawingsSymbols used in Patent Drawings

There are millions of different types of symbols; every profession has its own. Symbols in drawings are used to communicate and detail the characteristics of a specific field. They represent materials and equipment and include abbreviations understood by people familiar with that line of work. In drawings they save space because a symbol can convey a large amount of information.

Volume 10 June 2013 Patent DrawingsHow to transition patent drawings into persuasive courtroom exhibits

We want you to get the most out of your patent drawings. In this edition we will discuss the role of patent drawings in litigation and how they can be used to create or enhance persuasive litigation graphics.

Volume 9 May 2013 Patent DrawingsInternational Harmonization of Substantive Patent Law - What does it mean for patent drawings?

Among others, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) is moving towards harmonizing patent standards. Many rules for patent drawings have already been revised to correspond with those of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Volume 8 April 2013 Patent DrawingsHow much should you pay for patent drawings?

There is no set rate or price for patent drawings because prices are set by the market. Prices vary with the complexity and timing of drawings and reference materials supplied. The highest price is no guarantee of the best quality. Those in the market for patent drawings are wise to shop for the best quality at a competitive price.

Volume 7 March 2013 Patent DrawingsWhy Patent Drawings Get Rejected - Part 2

Last time we discussed why drawings might get rejected. The following are real rejection/objection examples compiled from multiple notices. Each includes our suggested solution.

Volume 6 February 2013 Patent DrawingsWhy Patent Drawings Get Rejected - Part 1

You may have had the misfortune to receive a drawing rejection or objection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) rejection or other patent office rejection notice. Hopefully this will come with an invitation to correct defects in the application.

Volume 5 January 2013 Patent DrawingsWhen to use photographs in lieu of patent drawings

Regarding photographs, the United States Patent & Trademark Office states the following

Volume 4 December 2012 Patent DrawingsHoliday Edition

What happens when you look at the holidays through the lens of a patent draftsperson?

Volume 3 November 2012 Patent DrawingsShading, when and where to use it.

Shading of objects helps us to understand an invention by visually defining shapes.

Volume 2 October 2012 – Reference Materials – Electronic FilesHow to save money on your next set of patent drawings

In this edition we will cover the most cost effective choices of reference materials when ordering patent drawings.

Volume 1 September 2012Special Edition

It is with great pleasure that I announce something new from NBG-Drafting and Design. This is our first Newsletter - Special Edition. In this edition we will cover our preferred sources for patent drawing rules & regulations.

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