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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide?

Whatever you have to help us understand your invention – AutoCAD files, sketches, photographs, informal drawings, website images, brochures, or marketing materials

How do I get my Patent Drawings?

PDF’s, JPG’s or any format that you prefer

Turnaround time

We will schedule drawings based on your deadline – you tell us when you want them complete


We are happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to viewing your materials. You can view our nondisclosure agreement in the “Quick Quote” section or provide your own

Quotes/Estimates for Patent Drawings

Get a “Quick Quote” for patent drawings in the “Quick Quote” section on our website or you can send us an email, attaching reference material in the form of 2D CAD files or 3D models, sketches, photographs, informal drawings or anything you have that will help us understand your invention


Any corrections needed due to our error will be done at no charge. Small revisions will be done at no charge. Changes to the scope of the project, modifications and additional drawings will be charged at our normal rate. We are happy to provide an estimate for additional work

If I have CAD files, what are the best formats to send?

Send original files if created in:

What other files can you use to create patent drawings?

CorelDraw, Visio, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe illustrator, etc.

What Software do you use to create patent drawings?

What are your general average prices to create patent drawings?

General average price per page:

What are the standard views required for design patent drawings?

Standard Views for Design Patent:

Can you do patent drawings for other countries?

Yes, besides keeping up to date with United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) regulations, we are also up to date with The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), The European Patent Organization (EPO) and individual country patent office rules and regulations

Do you do Trademark Drawings?

Yes, we have done thousands and continue to provide trademark drawings on a regular basis

Do you provide any other services besides patent drawings?

Yes, from design & development through to marketing materials. AutoCAD drafting, technical illustrating, Trial Graphics, Graphic Design, Website design & development

What if I only have a vague idea, can you help me develop it?

Yes, we will even work from rough sketches on a napkin to provide conceptual drawings as a first stem and then move on to patent drawings, manufacturing drawings and marketing materials

Allow us to supply you with a fixed price quotation for any drafting project; contact us at our Atlanta Georgia office– 770-640-1500 or toll free 1-888-640-1590

Need Patent Drawings? Design, Utility or Trademark drawings are our specialty.
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