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About Us

IP Patent Drafting, Patent Drawing & Patent Illustration Specialists

Established in 1986, we have a proud history of successfully bridging multiple fields without loosing sight of our mission and purpose.


President and founder Bernadette Marshall leads the creative team. Her experience in the deadline driven world of advertising builds on her degrees in graphic design and small business management.

Technical Team

All technical engagements are directly supervised by a fully qualified engineer. We do not only render drawings that are already realized, but we can prepare drawings from models, prototypes and sketches. If needed we can reverse engineer or extrapolate from incomplete forms or photographs. In short, we can get your ideas into the visual medium.

Technical Equipment & Software

Our success has everything to do with the skill of our personnel and the level of hardware and software we invest in, as well as how carefully we calibrate and maintain that equipment.

We operate in both Windows© or Macintosh© environments, can accept source data in virtually all file formats and can produce drawings for you in electronic or paper formats.

At NBG Drafting & Design Our abilities and experience are varied and complex, but our philosophy is simple. We combine artistry with technical excellence to fulfill our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service.

Need Patent Drawings? Design, Utility or Trademark drawings are our specialty.
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