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Why choose us?

We have been preparing design & utility patent and trademark illustrations, varying in complexity nationally nd internationally over the past hirty years.

Our illustrations meet US and International patent requirements.

Our policy is to get the drawings done accurately the first time, saving unnecessary attorney review time, revisions and additional expense.

All projects are treated in the strictest confidentiality and we welcome signing non-disclosure documents prior o commencement of projects.

Design patents (our specialty) re created using CADD software s 3D models (all dimensions for every surface are encoded into the model).

We then compute 2D views from this solid model, e.g. front, back, left, right, top and bottom.

Additionally a perspective view s rotated to the desirable orientation and projected.

The projections are all 100% accurate even on the most complicated assemblies or components.

Design patent drawings are usually presented in two stages. First draft without shading and final draft includes surface and linear shading.

Utility patent drawings are also presented in two stages. First draft without annotations and final annotated drawings having linear shading with some or no surface shading.

We are a very dedicated and motivated firm. Our services are available to meet stringent deadlines. We use the latest technology so that our services are as convenient as if we were in the office next door to you.